Welcome to Lit A.F Candle School, by Lit A.F Candle Co.!

Here, you will find courses and mini tutorials for all things candles and waxmelts, from the basics, to some of the most fun and creative techniques that made Lit A.F Candle Co the successful small business it is today

The fundamentals

Whether you're new to candles or waxmelts, here you can find courses that will set you up with the fundamentals of creating quality products to kick start your small business

Explore the world of waxmelts

If you are looking at getting into waxmelts, the Art of Waxmelts course gives you all the info you need to get started, plus all the design tools that are behind the success of Lit A.F Waxmelts

Level up your creativity

If you're already a candlemaker, and looking to incorporate unique, creative techniques to set your products apart, checkout the creative candle making courses.